Automobile dashboard RED warnings lights symbols

Here is the most complete list available of red warnings lights symbols that may appear in and on your Automobile’s dashboard.

Color RED indicates a potentially serious problem or safety issue. Attend to it! Red may also indicate an important reminder.

List available of RED warnings lights symbols:

Brake Warning symbol, indicate a serious Brake problem, but the light will also be on when the hand, or emergency brake, is engaged

Temperature Warning Light symbol, indicates that the engine temperature is too high. You should stop the vehicle and turned off the engine as quickly as possible.

Engine Oil Level or Oil Pressure Warning Light Symbol, indicate that the oil pressure is low. STOP driving immediately and turn the engine off. The engine can be severely damaged if oil pressure is lost. Add oil to the engine to bring the level up.

Charging System Warning Light Symbols, indicates a Charging System problem. The vehicle should be stop as quickly as possible or the vehicle may simply stop running. Roadside assistance will be necessary.

Seat Belt Warning Light Symbol, reminder, you have to put on your seat belt.

Door Ajar or Door Open Warning Light Symbol, Indicator that the door, trunk lid, rear hatch, hood, or whatever is not close.

Master Warning Light symbol. usually accompanied by another warning light, and indicates that one or more warning systems have been detected. The Master Warning Light ranges in its levels of significance and severity. It is important to check your vehicle before operating it.

SRS Air Bag Indicator Symbols, indicate that a problem exists with one of the many airbags in the automobile, which should be taken to the dealer or authorized service center as soon as possible.

Security and/or Immobilizer Warning Light Symbols, indicate that the ignition switch is locked and will need the proper transponder-equipped key to start or re-start.

Drivetrain or Powertrain Trouble Lights Symbols, It indicates a problem has been detected generally in the automatic transmission or transaxle, or its shift system. It should be serviced as soon as possible.

Transmission Temperature Warning Light Symbol, Indicate that the oil temperature in the transmission is too high, which risks transmission  failure.

Power Steering Trouble Light Symbol, If it is an electronic system, there is a chance it can be “reset”. Pull over as soon as possible and shut down the engine and restart it. If the light does not go out you will need to take the vehicle to your dealer or authorized repair facility.

Parking Brake Warning Light Symbol, Indicates that the parking brake is engaged. Be sure to disengage the parking or emergency brake before driving.

Parking Brake Trouble Light Symbol, used with Electronic Parking Brakes, indicates that it needs to be serviced. The car can be driven, but be sure to have it serviced as soon as possible.

Low Brake Fluid Warning Light Symbol, indicate that the brake fluid is low. Check the brake fluid level and add fluid appropriate to the vehicle make and model.

Distance Warning Light Symbol, It is a warning that an automobile in front is too close or is being approached too quickly, or that a stationary obstacle exists in the direction of travel.

Front-end Collision Warning Light Symbol, It is a warning that the system has a problem or if a collision is imminent. We’ve shown it in red, which is used when a potential collision is detected. It will flash red as the condition worsens and/or when the relative speed between the two vehicles is great. although the symbol is that of the back-end of a car. The manufacturer uses the same symbol for both Front and End.

Pedestrian Warning Light Symbol, It is a warning that a collision with a person detected is imminent.

Key Detection Indicators, indicates that the key is not detected. If the Key is in the vehicle, its internal battery is likely dead and needs to be replaced.

High Voltage System Fault Indicator symbol for a Plug-in hybrid.

High Voltage Battery Charge Level Warning Light Symbol, is found on the instrument panels of plug-in hybrid vehicles and is illuminated when the main battery’s charge is low. The vehicle needs to be plugged into a charging station or the gasoline engine needs to be operated to recharge.

External Sound System Fault Indicator Symbols, is used by electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrids operating in EV mode to alert pedestrians to the presence of the vehicle. This light, showing curved lines emanating from a car, indicates a problem with system, which must be addressed by your dealer.

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