Ford Adaptive Steering System

Ford Adaptive Steering System is a new generation of steering technology from Ford that improves steering efficiency at any speed – making the vehicle easier to maneuver and more fun to drive.

Ford’s Adaptive Steering System automatically changes the ratio between the driver’s actions at the steering wheel – the number of turns – and how much the front wheels turn. The changes on steering ratio based on road speed and steering wheel input, meaning that at lower speeds less wrestling with the wheel is necessary, making low speed maneuvering and parking much more manageable. In vehicles without the technology, this is a fixed steering ratio. With adaptive steering, the ratio continually changes with vehicle speed, optimizing the steering response in all conditions.

The system is similar to those found on Audi’s and BMW’s models, however Ford is the first mainstream manufacturer to offer Adaptive Steering.

The system – created in collaboration with engineers from TKAG, a Germany-based automotive supplier – uses a precision-controlled actuator placed inside the steering wheel, and requires no change to a vehicle’s traditional steering system.

The actuator – an electric motor and gearing system – can essentially add to or subtract from a driver’s steering inputs. The result is a better driving experience at all speeds, regardless of vehicle size or class.